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Customer Experience Management CEM & Customer Experience CX Studies

In order to become a Market Leader, a brand needs a deep understanding of their internal and external stakeholders and clients’ needs and behaviours.

Internal studies

Consulta offers a range of studies focusing on internal client-centricity measurements used to understand service and cultural impact factors on customer experience and delivery, providing future-focused companies with the strategy and tactical steps needed to set themselves apart not only in product but unmatched client experience.

External Measurements

Consulta offers a range of measurements focusing on external client behaviours and sentiments providing future focused companies with the strategy and tactical insights needed to set themselves apart not only in product but unmatched client appeal and loyalty.

Brand Health Tracker (BHT)

The Consulta Brand Health Tracker can be a point in time or ongoing measurement on how your brand is be perceived by your current and target market clients. Measuring 9 core brand attributes

Having sight of the above equips companies to focus on brand attributes, which aspects of the need bolstering in the sales and brand funnel channels, position products or holistic brand correctly, realign their brand objectives, and capitalize on strengths and weaknesses to improve brand investment.

Consulta’s Brand Funnel

Market Share

Consulta’s Market share is the measure of the consumers’ preference or primary usage of a product over other similar products.

Data Collection – Quantitative Qualitative

Consulta is able to offer a full range of data capturing services

  1. Full Contact center with Web and CATI capabilities
  2. Community Panel surveys and interviews
  3. National Field Work Capabilities
    – Mystery shopping

    – Focus Groups (Digital and Face to Face)
    – Face-to-Face interview


Consulta’s own community, Consulta Panel, represents South Africa’s broad, multi-cultural nation with people from every age group, background, ethnicity and income level, that continue to sign up to take part in a variety of research initiatives.


Development of Community Strategy customised to client and audience need;​

Creation of storylines and activity campaigns in line with strategic community objectives;​ Sourcing of content, design and writing;​

Set-up of e-mail and other e-content, quality management and distribution;​

Monitoring of reach and engagement of communication initiatives.